Posted by: Mathew | August 5, 2008

Thanks but No Thanks, Mr. Vice President

The Associated Press claims Vice President Cheney’s role at the convention this September is in doubt. It shouldn’t be in doubt.  He shouldn’t be speaking.

I have admiration for the Vice President.  I think he is one of the smartest politicians in Washington D.C.  I think that he has been treated unfairly by the press and by his political opponents.  I think he is a good and honorable man who has done nothing but put country first, but the convention should be about the future. 

Allowing President Bush to speak is the right thing to do; furthermore, to do anything else would be a sign of weakness.  That been said, Cheney is the Vice President, and putting him in the spotlight has no political benefit to Senator McCain.

Schwarzenegger, Romney, Giuliani, Jindal, Palin… Yes!


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