Posted by: Mathew | August 8, 2008

Why does Barack Obama hate America?

Obama to an eight year old girl after she asked him why he started running for President:

America is no longer, uh, what it could be. What it once was. And I say to myself, I don’t want that future for my children.

You know, I used to defend this guy.  I used to think that the negative hype was unfair.  Now, his colors are showing bright.  Barack Obama is the worst kind of liberal… the kind that just simply has disdain for his own country….  the kind that brags about how much better they do it in Europe…  the kind that threatened to move to Cananda after John Kerry lost.

It is not that I don’t respect the opinon of these types of liberals.  I do.  Furthermore, I think that at times they add to the debate.  There is nothing wrong with talking about what needs to be done differently.  We aren’t perfect, nor is it in our best interest to claim that we are.

However, I wonder what one is able to accomplish when starting from an opinion that things are so wrong, and that America is so broken.   Obama seems negative to a point that makes me doubt he wants to be President for the right reasons.  It sounds like he thinks us poor Americans need saving… just adopt a few more social programs, trash a few of our liberties, surrender a few military operations, while masking your actions in an unsubstantive and unspecific message of hope and change.  Give me a break.  Americans are more adult than the Democrats give us credit for.

Barack Obama is not our savior.  He is a man, and an unprepared one at that.

We need leadership.  We need someone who understands, not because he read it in a book or studied it at Colombia and Harvard, but becuase he was there, standing up, making an argument, risking his life, defending his country.


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