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Greatest Ever

Congratulations to Michael Phelps on 8 Gold Medals… the greatest athlete in the history of the world.

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We Don’t Need Jerome Corsi

I have heard Jerome Corsi speak on his new book, “Obama Nation,” several times now.  Truthfully, I wish he would just go away.  We don’t need him.

I haven’t read his book, and I will not.  I am not saying he did not have right to write it, and I am not disputing any of his findings.  I don’t care enough to do any of the above.

This kind of politics, in my opinion, shows weakness.  It says that we don’t believe that on our merits we are good enough to beat them.  It is the same “crashing the gates,” Daily Kos maturity level that makes running for political office less honorable than it should be.  It is tired, it is pointless, it doesn’t add to the debate, and in the long run it doesn’t amount to anything other than a man using the electoral process to earn a buck.  Trust me, Jerome isn’t putting anyone but Jerome first.

Those who believe George W. Bush had a second term because of Swift Boat ads should check their insecurity at the door.  He won because Karl Rove ran a better campaign.  He won because the American people trusted him more.  He won because he was more consistent on the issues.  He won because in a time of national security crisis, the American people will always choose the Republican Party. 

John McCain is capable of winning this election because he is more qualified to be the President of the United States, and he is right on the issues.  If we don’t believe that, then we should stop trying.  Resorting to gutter politics is beneath us.  I’d rather lose an election.


Jon Henkel agrees:

The continued tolerance and prominence of Jerome Corsi – his books, columns and appearances – is just embarrassing.  It is embarrassing for the Right, embarrassing for Republicans, embarrassing for conservatives and libertarians, embarrassing for all of us. 

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Michael Phelps Beats France

In dramatic fashion, the men’s 400 meter freestyle relay team, won the gold medal today in word record time.  France won the silver.

For Phelps that is two events, two gold medals, one from being the most decorated Olympian ever, six from beating the record of the great Mark Spitz, and oh yeah, his second world record in as many days.  Let me make my opinion on this crystal clear… we are witnessing the greatest athletic triumph in the history of the world.

So sad that the Thorpedo isn’t there to witness it.  Oh, and Australia got the bronze.


Just in case once was not enough:

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The Commentators Moving?

I heard from a very reliable source, who shall remain nameless, that the Commendators with Ken Schram and one of my heroes, conservative talk radio host John Carlson, may be moving from 570 KVI up the dial to KOMO AM 1000 in a different time slot. 

If you are a fan of the show, watch out for this.  The individial relaying this information was worried that the show would lose listeners, after moving for the second time, because it would take time for people to find the new station and time slot. 

This is one of the best shows in the Seattle area in my humble opinion, at least when Schram isn’t talking.

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Mitt Romney for Vice President

Hell has frozen over. I was a McCain supporter at the beginning of the primary process, then a Huckabee supporter, and then finally a McCain supporter again. My point you ask? I was not a fan of Governor Romney.

Mitt’s an accomplished guy, but I thought his sudden change of heart on the social issues was really convenient. He went from moderate northeastern Governor to conservative flag bearer over night. He seemed to endlessly get caught up in the differences between the positions he held as a candidate for President versus those he held as a candidate for Governor.

That been said, I have changed my mind to a degree. I still don’t believe Mitt Romney is the darling of the conservative movement that he is portraying himself to be, but I do think he is somewhere between that and what I originally thought. I too was once pro-choice and became pro-life when I saw my son’s 13 week ultrasound… hearts can change, maybe I can cut the Governor some slack.

Now that I am over my problems with Romney, I have thought about it long and hard, and am even willing to take it one step further. If John McCain hopes to win in November, Mitt Romney should be his pick for Vice President.

Here is why:

Party unity:

Mitt earned the respect of the conservative movement, John McCain has not fully accomplished that. If McCain is to win, conservatives have to come out in droves. Putting their candidate in the primary on the ticket, wouldn’t be a bad start.


Mitt’s ability to help out geographically is the farthest reaching of all the possible candidates. The Mormon Factor helps in Colorado and Nevada, two red states that are a horse race, and Mitt is the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney where poll numbers are closer than they have been in the recent past. If McCain can get over the top in those three states, it gives him some breathing room when it comes to to Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio.

Executive experience:

There is too much of the U.S. Senate running for President. Romney has placed his flag in the earth as a business executive, savior of the Utah Olympic games, and Republican Governor of the bluest state of them all. Helping McCain look a little less like an insider, considering the opposition is the candidate of “change and hope,” is not a bad idea.

Ready to lead from day one:

Some of the other possibilities expose Senator McCain’s weaknesses. Those that are too young make him look old. Those that are less experienced make him look desperate for energy and enthusiasm. Governors Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin are outstanding Republicans… one or both may and probably should be on the ticket in 2016, but what they provide in youth they lack in experience. Picking them would make McCain look like he is filling a void.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have that problem… he is more than adequately prepared to be President and can provide charisma and energy to a national ticket while at the same time bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The economy:

This one is simple. Romney adds validity to the ticket when it comes to economic issues, based upon his past experience, that McCain doesn’t have.

No single issue focus:

Another possibility that I like for Vice President is former Pennsyvlania Governor Tom Ridge. However, there are some political realities with Ridge’s pro-choice stance, most importantly that it will expose a divide between some Republicans and give the media something to talk about. Mark my word, if McCain picks a pro-choice candidate the abortion issue will get press for weeks. Not good for Republicans.

We need more like him:

I think one of the reasons that conservatives have not been winning elections lately is becuase the best of us are earning our keep in the private sector. Mitt Romney, and Washington gubenatorial candidate Dino Rossi for that matter, have admirable qualities in that they are giving back to the state or country that has given so much to them.

A cynic would say that this is all about power, but I don’t think so. I don’t believe guys like Mitt Romney, Mike Bloomberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Corzine, and Dino Rossi run for office for the rush. Call me an idealist, but I think there is a sense of service there that is something we could use a little bit more of. I like the idea of Mitt being on the ticker because, among other reasons, he is a good example to other Republicans who could and should leave the board room and run for office in service to the community that has in large part made them who they are.

A good man:

Mitt is without a doubt. I know it my heart of hearts. I have disagreed with him, but this is a family man, a man of faith, a man with core values that has lead to him putting “a greater cause above his own self interest” time and time again. I have great admiration for the Governor’s faith, and the way they watch out for their own. Furthermore, you could not watch Mitt’s five sons campaign on his behalf and be anything but in awe of the clear bond they have with dad, who has obviously put them above all else.

There are serious problems that the next administration is going to have to deal with, real struggles between good and evil… Mitt Romney has the integrity and the character to see us through the storm without wavering, without compromising what is great about America, never flinching, and never giving in.

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John Edwards tells us what we already knew…

He is a slime bag.

I love the part where he points out that his wife, who has cancer, was in remission while the affair ocurred.  How compassionate of him. 

All that sanctimonious crap about helping the poor, every smirk, all of the holier than now speeches about two America’s was exactly what many of us thought… the ramblings of a lying, cheap, ambulance chasing defense attorney who would do or say anything to win his case or get elected. 

In the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.

We hadn’t noticed.

Enjoy retirement Senator Edwards.  May God be with those family members who you just gone done spitting all over.

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Why does Barack Obama hate America?

Obama to an eight year old girl after she asked him why he started running for President:

America is no longer, uh, what it could be. What it once was. And I say to myself, I don’t want that future for my children.

You know, I used to defend this guy.  I used to think that the negative hype was unfair.  Now, his colors are showing bright.  Barack Obama is the worst kind of liberal… the kind that just simply has disdain for his own country….  the kind that brags about how much better they do it in Europe…  the kind that threatened to move to Cananda after John Kerry lost.

It is not that I don’t respect the opinon of these types of liberals.  I do.  Furthermore, I think that at times they add to the debate.  There is nothing wrong with talking about what needs to be done differently.  We aren’t perfect, nor is it in our best interest to claim that we are.

However, I wonder what one is able to accomplish when starting from an opinion that things are so wrong, and that America is so broken.   Obama seems negative to a point that makes me doubt he wants to be President for the right reasons.  It sounds like he thinks us poor Americans need saving… just adopt a few more social programs, trash a few of our liberties, surrender a few military operations, while masking your actions in an unsubstantive and unspecific message of hope and change.  Give me a break.  Americans are more adult than the Democrats give us credit for.

Barack Obama is not our savior.  He is a man, and an unprepared one at that.

We need leadership.  We need someone who understands, not because he read it in a book or studied it at Colombia and Harvard, but becuase he was there, standing up, making an argument, risking his life, defending his country.

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Crawling Back

The Republican Party on the Eastside has been destroyed.  Once holding all twelve seats in the four eastside districts, Republicans are now only 3 for 12.  The way to change this outlook is one step at a time, brick by brick, and we can start by helping to elect Toby Nixon in the 45th and Steve Litzow in the 41st to the State House of Representatives.

Nixon is a former State Representative who barely lost a race for the State Senate in the ’06 Democratic tidal wave.  He is smart, experienced, balanced, and has grown into a superior legislator.  The Microsoft Program Manager has got the ability to be a heavy weight for the eastside and do some serious damage as member of the minority party in Olympia.   What was once a not so impressive candidate for office has learned along the way and is one of the better prepared challengers this election cycle.  

Toby is running against freshman Roger Goodman who doesn’t have much to show for his two years in Olympia, and is too liberal for what is still a center to right legislative district that stretches out to Duvall, Carnation, and the most rural parts of King County.  What Goodman lacks in substance, Nixon will provide ten times over.

Steve Litzow lives in the heart of the 41st and serves as a member of the Mercer Island City Council.  Councilmember Litzow is an accomplished business man who once worked for Procter and Gamble and a Paul Allen startup company.  He is impressive, polished, smart, articulate, and would represent what is a moderate swing district very well.  The problem with the 41st is that Republicans have not put up an impressive candidate that has the right ideological tinge to win in past elections.  Steve Litzow is an excellent candidate, a centrist who will vote the right way on growth and economic issues. 

His opponent, Marcie Maxwell, has a long resume of activism on behalf of teacher’s unions as a school board member in Renton.  Maxwell is not as impressive as her resume.  The 41st is an independent district who needs a leader that will think outside the box, not somebody who will do the bidding of interest groups that constantly put the plight of teachers above the needs of our kids.

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Thanks but No Thanks, Mr. Vice President

The Associated Press claims Vice President Cheney’s role at the convention this September is in doubt. It shouldn’t be in doubt.  He shouldn’t be speaking.

I have admiration for the Vice President.  I think he is one of the smartest politicians in Washington D.C.  I think that he has been treated unfairly by the press and by his political opponents.  I think he is a good and honorable man who has done nothing but put country first, but the convention should be about the future. 

Allowing President Bush to speak is the right thing to do; furthermore, to do anything else would be a sign of weakness.  That been said, Cheney is the Vice President, and putting him in the spotlight has no political benefit to Senator McCain.

Schwarzenegger, Romney, Giuliani, Jindal, Palin… Yes!

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